Ergonomics are often an overlooked part of the office chair purchasing process but should be at the top of the priority list when purchasing a new office chair. Luckily, the DLX Series offers superior ergonomic functions without potential clients having to sacrifice any style or comfort. 


The DLX series comes with 7 different adjustment points: headrest, armrest, tilt tension, tilt angle, seat height, independent backrest recline

With these adjustments at your fingertips, DLX Series clients can personally discover the precise combination of adjustments to achieve an ideal ergonomic sitting position. Regardless of which model DLX you prefer; you will always these ergonomic feature adjustments at your fingertips. 

Headrest:  The use of a headrest has been shown to significantly reduce neck and back muscle activity in users. Having a headrest with an articulating phalange affords people the ability to adjust the height and angle of their headrest. This provides neck and upper back support for users of varying heights, hairstyles, and monitor positions.

Armrest: DLX Series office chairs come equipped with 3D Armrests that adjust height, width, and length of the pads. Having these three independent adjustment capabilities on your armrests has proven to reduce stress on the spine and shoulders, leading to less MSDs for users.

Tilt Tension and Angle: The seat cushion tilt lock and angle adjustment feature on the DLX Series allows clients to adjust the angle of the bottom seat cushion pan and permit you to lean back. A seat that acclimates to help the back and lean back lessens pressure on the spine and hip bones while permitting the client to easily arrive at their work. Leaning back can likewise assist with expelling strain on the eyes, shoulders, and arms. 

Seat Height: The option to alter the height of your seat so your feet are level on the ground and your thighs are corresponding to the floor. A seat that is too high will squeeze the territory behind the knee, conceivably diminishing flow. A seat that is too low powers the knees up higher than your hips which puts additional weight on the lower back and hip bones.

The seat height uses a lift paddle to raise and lower the chair. It has an 18” to 21” range for a standard shock. The DLX also provides optional short and tall shocks.

Independent Backrest Recline:The DLX accompanies an independent backrest reclining framework. Simply pull the lever up to change the backrest point, release to lock into place. The backrest point alters autonomously of the seat pad edge. The DLX has a complete reclining angle of 21°. 

Lumbar:A seat with top-notch lumbar support should permit you to control and modify the immovability and the situation of the support. Your back should lean effectively against the backrest, and the support should reflect the bend of your spine. Lower back support is one of the most significant components an ergonomic seat can have. 

Office laborers without legitimate lumbar help are at tremendous hazard for creating lower back torment. A seat that doesn’t appropriately bolster the lower back outcomes in slumping, which can make the characteristic bend of the spine to become gradually squashed. Then again, great lumbar help can really assist with expanding the progression of oxygenated blood to the cerebrum and help to keep laborers alert and centered. The DLX provides an innovatively engineered bulb which allows the user to manually change the amount of support the lumbar system provides. 


DLX Series office chairs are custom designed and built to match the style of the home and executive marketplaces while providing multiple adjustable features so our clients achieve great ergonomic stature. 

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the ergonomic capabilities of a chair when making your purchasing decision.