DLX by IRON HORSE Seating offers an entirely unique experience to our clients. There is no better example of that than our hand-built process that focuses on craftsmanship, customization, and quality. 


DLX office chairs are specifically manufactured and built to your specifications and require a great amount of skill and craftsmanship to build. The care and expertise that goes into crafting your specified home or executive office chair is an achievement on its own. 

The knowledge and training required to build a DLX chair takes a great amount of technical expertise, time, and effort. Our team of experienced builders have honed their craft for over 10 years building the IRON HORSE product line. That’s over a decade of experience with the all the high-grade components – bases, shocks, hardware, casters, chair frame – that make up your custom DLX office chair. 

This level of training and experience is not easily replicated or replaced and is not matched by any other executive office chair. DLX offers a unique product and delivers on our promises of what the DLX office chair can bring to your executive or home office. The experience is one-of-a-kind and that starts with the level of craftsmanship and skill that goes into the construction of each DLX office chair. 


Our chairs DLX office chairs are built at our facilities in Lake Forest, IL using high-grade components and assembled by our team of office chair experts. 

Building an office chair is an entirely custom process that can take 6-8 weeks for production, and at its completion you’ll have an entirely custom office chair delivered fully assembled to your workplace environment. Everything from the leather color, upholstery package pattern, trim finish color, trim finish style, and logo are up to you and will be carefully implemented into our build process. 

With this level of customization, our office chair builders need to have background on the traits of the leather, hardware, frame, and metal used during production to make sure they completely understand how to properly handle and care for each of the individual custom components. 


Executive office chairs often sacrifice quality and comfort for style and that is not the case with the DLX. There is no doubt that the DLX office chair offers a modern, automotive inspired style but what sets the DLX apart from the marketplace is our quality. 

The quality of your DLX office chair and its ability to perform adeptly in your home or executive office workplace are just as important as the aesthetics and style. DLX performance all begins with the premium high-grade components used. We take absolute pride in the ability to say your chair was hand-built for you, right here in the USA. 

There is skill and precision put into every single step of the build and assembly process for your custom DLX chair and it translates directly to performance and quality.