Different Breed

The DLX series by IRON HORSE seating is a new luxury office chair designed for home and executive offices. With such a wide selection of chairs available on the marketplace, it’s important to understand what exactly it is that sets the DLX Series apart from other executive office chairs. 

The DLX Series is an entirely different breed from your standard office chair. Everything from the way our chairs our built, the quality and durability of the chair itself, and the ergonomic capabilities further the gap in the DLX in relation to its competitors. 


DLX Series office chairs are hand-built by passionate, experienced assemblers, with the finest quality materials garnered from the highest reputable provenance. The highest quality of components all join together, In a 6,000 square-foot warehouse in Lake Forest, IL. It’s here that they’ll be hand-built with precision as opposed to manufactured by machines, then shipped straight to you; completely assembled.

The best part about it? You get the patriotic satisfaction of knowing your chair was 100% sourced and built in the United States of America.  


Aside from a custom build process involving a tremendous amount of builder skill and precision, the DLX Series contain a robust quantity of features that continue the level of customization into after you bring home your DLX office chair. 

Our chairs offer 8 different adjustment points where you can customize your DLX experience. As a DLX user you can adjust the following features: 

  • Headrest angle and height
  • Armrest height, width, and angle.
  • Lumbar chamber capacity. 
  • Seat cushion depth.
  • Seat height. 
  • Backrest recline angle (independent of seat cushion angle).
  • Seat cushion tilt angle (can lock if desired).
  • Seat cushion tilt tension.

That’s 8 different ways you can truly make the DLX fit you and have a completely unique experience.


The DLX isn’t only built for style, this chair is plenty durable and functional for your workplace. Our chairs are engineered for and tested to ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 standard. 

ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 is a series of durability tests for general-purpose office chairs to ensure the quality of product under various levels of stress. This standard is intended to provide manufacturers and users with a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability, and structural adequacy of general-purpose office chairs. Testing uses the 95th percentile male at 275 lbs as the basis for the tests. 

The following tests are performed under ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 standard:

  • Backrest Strength Test
  • Swivel Test – Cyclic
  • Seating Durability Test – Cyclic
  • Arm Strength Test – Vertical – Static 
  • Backrest Durability Test – Cyclic
  • Leg Strength Test – Front and Side Application
  • Footrest Durability Test – Vertical – Cyclic
  • Out Stop Test (Manual Seat Depth Adjustment)
  • Tablet Armchair Load Ease Test – Cyclic
  • Drop Test – Dynamic
  • Tilt Mechanism Test – Cyclic
  • Stability Tests
  • Arm Strength Test – Horizontal – Static
  • Caster/Chair Base Durability Test – Svertical
  • Arm Durability Test – Cyclic
  • Table Armchair Static Load Test
  • Structural Durability Test – Cyclic

DLX Series office chairs have the capability to withstand the most demanding use in any work environment. 


With its quality build process, adjustable features, and industry tested quality, your DLX will exceed all style and performance expectations. As a client you have the ability to customize your DLX from top-to-bottom. Including leather color, leather style, headrest, trim, and even add your own logo. 

When we build a chair, we’re not just building any regular chair… We’re building your chair.