To succeed, you must adapt. DLX is no different. All the tech you need to make the chair conform to your mood.


The DLX series of luxury chairs come fully equipped to instantly adjust to your needs. Multiple adjustable features come together to create an optimal ergonomic experience for maximum comfort. The chair that changes gears when you do.


Both the Deluxe Comfort Headrest and Traditional Headrest are height and angle adjustable and can be removed to best suit your needs.


Squeeze bulb to fill bow-tie lumbar in lower backrest. Press the button to release air. Supporting your back is just that easy.

Seat Slider

Pull handle to slide the bottom seat cushion forward or backward to adjust the depth of the seat cushion. Release handle to lock into place.

Seat Height

Lift paddle to raise / lower. 18” to 21” range for standard shock. Tall and short shock also available.

Independent Backrest Recline

Pull lever up to adjust backrest angle. Backrest angle adjusts independently of the seat cushion angle. Total recline angle of 21°.

Tilt Lock

Push paddle down to lock tilt position and pull up to unlock tilt position. The total recline angle is 24°.

Tilt Tension

Twist control forward to add tension and backward to release tension. If only other kinds of tension were so easy to control.