About Us

Introducing the DLX Series of luxury chairs. Custom-built seating for your office or personal living space. A decade in the making, DLX is style built on substance. Bespoke design, holistic ergonomic engineering, and definitive product features. Tailored options and adjustable settings at your fingertips.

DLX Chairs are built on a solid foundation of quality engineering that’s made to last. We spent 30 years creating seating designed to endure the rigors of the heavy equipment and intensive use office chair industries before we were inspired by luxury automobiles to develop the DLX Series.


The combination of our hand-crafted construction, adjustable features, and industry-tested quality means your DLX will exceed all style and performance expectations.

Every aspect of a DLX chair receives the attention and thinking it deserves. Every stitch, every line, every mechanism is part of the big picture. Part of the connection created when you take a seat in your custom-built DLX. And each chair is made here in the U.S.

Created to connect with those who understand, there’s no such thing as sitting still. Design one to suit your sense of style. Luxury seating—accelerated.