As the world has finished and wrapped up with the final chapter of 2022, it is important
to look back on what has been happening in the working world and across offices all
over. With companies still navigating office life post-pandemic, constant improvements
and changes have routinely been implemented across offices all over the world.
Whether it’s the increased flexibility in work schedules, variety and variation in
workspaces, improvements on employee wellness, or improved home office efficiency,
employers are looking at all means and avenues to sustain improvement on these postpandemic trends.
We also can’t forget that the means to office improvements begin with the right chair. If
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  1. FLEXIBILITY IN WORK SCHEDULES: With the pandemic causing a
    monumental shift in where the workforce was operating, with many employees
    working from home, it’s been seen that this trend is here to stay. Some
    companies have completely stuck with the work from home idea and made that
    their normal, with very few instances requiring employees at the office. Other
    companies have begun to implement a hybrid stance where employees split time
    between working from home and in the office. Employers have taken this stance
    to maintain happiness for those who enjoy working in the office and for those
    who enjoy working from the comfort of their home office. With this trend looking
    to continue in 2023, the importance of having the right equipment and supplies,
    no matter where the office resides, remains vital.
  2. VARIATION AND VARIETY IN WORKSPACES: As offices around the world
    look for ways to improve their spaces to increase productivity, there has been an
    increased shift in variety to the standard cubicle setup seen throughout the past.
    Ergonomics has become a focal point in this change to improve office layouts.
    The main goals employers have in mind with this change are maintaining and
    encouraging the ability to collaborate, sustaining employee health with more
    health beneficial setups that minimize repetitive movements, and to add a fresh
    sense of change to their offices.
  3. EMPLOYEE WELLNESS: Post pandemic, employee health has been at the
    forefront of employer goals throughout offices. Mental and physical wellness
    drive employee productivity and success. Whether employees are working from
    home or in the office, it is important for employers to stay in touch with how their
    employees are feeling and offer ways in which to sustain or increase wellness.
    The strategies range from wellness days to stress management opportunities.
  4. FURTHER HOME OFFICE EFFICIENCY: The days of working from the kitchen
    counter are over for employees working from home. As more people transitioned
    into a work from home or hybrid schedule, a need for further improvement to their
    home offices quickly came about. Office suppliers took full advantage of this
    trend by offering a plethora of products to increase effectiveness and efficiency
    for those who do not make the everyday commute to the office. Along with office
    hardware, employees and their companies have found collaboration and digital
    solution tools an everyday necessity to work. These tools allowed employees to
    collaborate with one another from anywhere in the world.
    At DLX, each chair is designed and created keeping in mind each trend listed above.
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    office environment, whether it be in the building or at home. Their customizable options
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    day needs.
    While our chairs look the part with the materials they are built with, they also play the
    part. Being fully adjustable to ensure maximum comfort, they provide an added value in
    keeping those who sit in them healthy both mentally and physically. Our chairs act as a
    steppingstone for productivity and efficiency at home and in the office.