The Top Office Trends We Saw in 2021

As 2021 nears its end, we’re looking back to see how things have changed in the working world, particularly in the office. Things have changed drastically because of the pandemic, and those changes have forced employees and companies to look at how offices are laid out, where the office actually exists, and how better to keep employees healthy. Increased office flexibility, more healthy initiatives at work, and working remotely are all things the pandemic may have pushed to the forefront, but employees are now looking for them in an employer, and it seems like these are trends here to stay.

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The top office trends we noticed in 2021

  1. Flexible offices. The pandemic forced many employers to allow their employees to work from home. Although it was an important and increasing trend before lockdown, it became a necessity in 2020. This continued in 2021 as employers realized having a flexible office allowed for greater efficiency and work from employees. This is a trend we see continuing into 2022, which makes having the right equipment and supplies at home just as important as at the physical office.
  2. Increased focus on employee health. Working from home, despite the benefits, can also be an issue for an employee’s mental health. Being in an office and having to deal with daily life during a pandemic can also create numerous mental and physical health problems. Finally, keeping employees safe from the virus creating the pandemic in the first place has become vital, shedding even more light on what employers can do to keep their staff healthy. In 2021, these trends grew more advanced, and keeping employees comfortable, whether at home or at the office building, became more important than ever. This is known as ergonomics, and it has never been as important than now.
  3. Better, more flexible office layouts. More than ever, offices needed to be flexible and changeable to allow teams to work together, to stay more productive. Instead of employees just having one desk and never moving, offices now have collaborative spaces, and employees may not even have just one desk, but can sit just about anywhere. Plus, comfort for workers has spread throughout the office, instead of just in offices or the executive level. Once again, ergonomics come into play here, too, with better desk layouts designed to minimize repetitive movements that can lead to injury.
  4. Improved home office efficiency. Office furniture and office supply companies have spotted the trend of more people working from home and created desk supplies, from pen holders to computer mice, that allow working from home to be more effective and efficient. Plus, companies have come to rely even more on digital solutions such as video collaboration tools. All of this has combined to create a greater awareness of how important a home office is and how to build one that allows employees to work at their best, while working remotely.

DLX chairs are perfect for home or downtown

At DLX, we design our chairs from the ground up to include the trends we listed above right from the start. They are high quality and made from the finest materials, so that they last longer than an ordinary chair, and we designed them from the beginning to be used effectively at the office as well as at the home workspace.
However, our chairs are more than good-looking and made from the finest materials. We put effort into designing every aspect of the chair. Our chairs are adjustable for maximum comfort, too, which helps employees stay healthy mentally and physically. Whether at home or in the office, our chairs help foster an atmosphere of productivity and comfort customized for each person. In short, it’s the right chair at the right time.

The 2021 trends are likely here to stay

Working more effectively and efficiently through the use of flexible office spaces, better work furniture and supplies, and working from home has been a growing trend for years. However, the needs created by the global pandemic have jumpstarted this trend even more. Now that both employers and employees see the benefits of these office trends, those trends are likely to stay and just get more prominent in 2022 and beyond.

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