New Luxury vs Old Luxury and Why It Matters

New Luxury vs. Old Luxury and Why It Matters

What qualifies as luxury these days? Why is it important, and does it even matter anymore? The answer to those questions varies depending on what you’re talking about, but what we consider luxurious today differs from it was just a decade or two ago. We at DLX feel it does matter, and we try to be a bridge between old and new, which you can see in the entire process of purchasing one of our chairs.

What defines “new luxury”?

In the past, the term luxury or luxurious meant something exclusively for the wealthy. In fact, luxury was designed for the rich and for the rest of the economic ladder to envy or aspire to. The exclusivity was part of the entire design. These days, this has changed, and luxury is not so out of reach for the average person. Here are some of the key points about “new luxury”:

  • Quality is more important than exclusivity. These days, people looking for something luxurious want what they are purchasing to be of outstanding quality, but not necessarily exclusive. It may still be expensive, but consumers want to know they are paying for something that will last, instead of just a brand logo.
  • Today luxury is more of an experience than just an object. Modern consumers are looking for purchases that come with an experience instead of objects that will just sit there looking beautiful. If there’s no story behind it, then modern consumers are less likely to care.
  • Uniqueness is important, but not pretentiousness. Often, in the past, luxury items came with an air of pretentiousness. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing at the time, and those who could afford the item looked for it. These days, though, having something that is unique, that stands out from the crowd, is more important than pretentiousness. 
  • Craftsmanship is a key value. Going hand-in-hand with quality is the idea of craftsmanship. How well built, designed and constructed is the item being purchased? People do not want to spend a lot of money on something that will not last or that does not show quality craftsmanship. This is key.
  • Not necessarily just expensive. In the past, luxury often just meant expensive. So expensive, it was often out of reach for the average middle-class person or family. These days, the craftsmanship, uniqueness, and quality mean more than the price. Sure, luxury items still tend to cost more than non-luxury items, but they are often more attainable than they have been before even for middle-income families.

How is DLX defining new luxury for our office chairs?

Here at DLX, we feel like we are a bridge between the old luxury of days past and the new luxury experience of today. How can we say this? Well, let’s take a look at some of the key factors we feel show this. Including:

  • Our chairs have the timeless qualities of old luxury. Our exclusive materials, the fact that we modeled our chairs after luxury car seats and other factors means we harken back to some of that exclusivity and rareness inherent within old luxury and put them into all of our custom-made office chairs.
  • We then add touches of new luxury to the overall experience. We have made our chairs using an experience unlike anything you’ll find when purchasing another office chair. We have created a custom-made office chair experience, where you get to choose the materials you want, the way the chair looks, and even the type of leather used to cover the chair. Therefore, we have an experience built into purchasing a chair from us, which bridges us into new luxury.
  • Office chairs that are exclusive, but accessible. Although we will not tell you that buying one of our chairs is a spur-of-the-moment sort of decision, the fact remains our office chairs are accessible even to those who want a luxurious comfort experience, but don’t have millions saved up in the bank. Our chairs are accessible, but also exclusive, setting your office and work experience apart without having to take out a loan to do it.
  • For us, quality has been a key value from the start. Right from the beginning, we looked at designing office chairs the way others look at designing luxury cars. We wanted our chairs to create a mood and a feeling as well as to provide the ultimate in comfort and productivity for those who sit in our office chairs. Quality is key, and it has been from the start.

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