Home Office Design Trends for 2021

Strategies For Setting Up Your Home Office

Although the trend of working from home exploded in 2020, the fact is, this is a trend that has been building for years. The key question is how do you create the right executive home office, blending what you have downtown with your home? So, let’s take a look at the strategies you’ll need to set up a comfortable, efficient home office.

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Why are home offices so popular?

The idea of a room in the house where work is done, beyond the standard household fare, goes back centuries. In earlier times, business owners often lived directly above their store or business. Homes with studies were popular going back to Victorian times, but the modern executive office has really become popular since the millennium arrived. Why? The coming of the internet and advancements in technology made working from home realistic. The benefits of working from home have also expanded into the employee pool, since it’s entirely possible to work in an entirely different location from where a business is located. With online conference calls and shared document capabilities, it’s much easier to run a business from your home office.

With the global pandemic of 2020, the home office has come into its own. In fact, the efficiency and methods of managing while staying home have proven themselves to the point that some companies may never go back to in-person work. This has created a trend in creating an effective and efficient home office.

What to consider with a home office layout and why it’s important

The home office layout will determine how effective and efficient your home office is. Where is the desk? Where is the window? What equipment do you need? What kind of chair is best? Depending on your space needs, your office layout can vary.

If the idea of moving your executive office to your home is appealing to you, there are a few things you should consider before you move in the furniture.

  • Find the right space. One of the key components for a home office is to carve out a space where you can have privacy and work effectively. Therefore, just putting a laptop on the dining room table may not be the right move, but a spare bedroom or an existing office space with a door that closes is perfect. Stay away from high-traffic areas to avoid the embarrassing Zoom call featuring unwanted cameos by kids, pets, landscapers, and more. There is also a growing trend of building small offices in the backyard, completely separating work from the home. These are more than just a shed with a desk. They can be as elaborate and elegant as the downtown office, inhibited only by building codes and your imagination.
  • To window or not to window. If you’re used to a corner office with a spectacular view, you can still have a view by placing your desk near or in front of a window. The desk facing the window is a very popular trend, but there are some who would rather have an executive office where the desk is in the middle of the room. Figure out which works best for your space and your ability to work. Will the window enhance or distract? You decide.
  • Choose the right desk. Since you will spend most of your time at the desk you choose, you need to pick the right one for your home office. Don’t cheap out! Having the right desk is important as an executive, and you should duplicate this at home as much as you can. If you’re dealing with a smaller space, the trend is for desks that fold down from the wall or can be moved into a corner to be out of the way once work is done.
  • Find the right chair. We feel we have some expertise in this area. The right chair is important. Not only might a dining-room chair be too uncomfortable for an eight-hour day, but it might not present the image you want to project. The right chair is crucial to productivity and creates the right working environment within the home. Our custom-built chairs are the perfect chairs for your home office, given how they can adapt and adjust for your needs. Whatever you choose, don’t skimp on the chair.
  • Be ergonomic. The desk, chair, computer, office supplies, and all the technology and hardware need to be part of your home office as well. Ergonomic seating and how you arrange these office essentials in your space will make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day, and in your long-term health. Make sure you can reach these things easily and comfortably. The better you plan out the office, the more productive you’ll be. Comfort equals productivity.

This trend looks like it will continue as advances in office technology improves and develops Making an investment in your home office now is more crucial than ever.

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